A Seat at the Table

In classic fantasy stories, there is a lot of focus on the warriors and mages and their tales of derring-do. But for some reason, they all seem to start at at a tavern—in an inn. I’ve always admired the owners of those inns and felt more of a kinship with them than the questing adventurers. Heroes need a good place to launch their adventures, and they need a good place to return to patch themselves up before the next quest arises.

Most inns in those stories have at least one gaming table, if not more, where visiting patrons can sit down for some friendly competition. In my mind, a proper inn is a welcoming environment filled with good food, friendly conversation, and a warm hearth—a place for people to spend time with old companions and meet new friends. They’re way stations where paths cross and journeys begin. I’ve always kind of wanted to be an innkeeper.

This is the beginning of my own personal “quest”—a quest to, ironically enough, become that innkeeper. The goal of my quest is to eventually open up a board game cafe in my area, but before I do that, I want to build up my collection, my own experiences, and my credibility within the board gaming world. As such, I’m starting up a weekly game night, to which this blog will run parallel. I’ll play at least one new board game each week (more, if the occasion arises), then post my review of each of those games here. I’ll also catalog my thoughts on the process here. If you’ve got recommendations of games I should play and review, I’d love to hear them!

So pull up a chair! Sit down, make yourself at home, and let’s have a chat, you and me. I’ll tell you about my experiences, and you tell me about yours. Welcome to the inn.

—The Innkeeper

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